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Did you know that WebStarts features it's very own video search engine powered by YouTube? You can search all your favorite videos on Youtube directly from WebStarts without all the clutter and advertising. You can even get the same links and embed codes for those videos to post them on your website and email the video links to your friends. To use the WebStarts video search engine just click on the 'Search' link located at the bottom of the WebStarts homepage or here .
You'll notice our simple search allows you to search the web, images, and video. To search video select the radio button to the left of the word 'video'. Next you'll want to type your keywords into the search box and click the search button. You can also search by entering the YouTube username into the search box. For example: If you want to see all the support videos for WebStarts you can simply type "WebStarts" into the search box and perform a search. All of the videos on our WebStarts channel will show as your results.
If you like to watch YouTube videos but don't like all the ads then be sure to visit the next time you want to search for videos. There is a bookmark link in the top right hand corner of the page you can click on to bookmark the video search as well.