Sons of Confederate Veterans

Camp #868

"Tippah Tigers" 
In loving memory to all those brave and gallant
men. "All Gave Some and Some Gave All."

Remembering Our Confederate Dead

Many of us were bare foot and battle worn,
Most of our clothes were tattered and torn,

We were shivering with cold from the rain,
Still onward we marched many of us in pain, 

Our families back home with us had their trust,
Starving and weak march onward we must, 

Daylight breaks and we were able to see,
The battlefield ahead it was still as can be,

The air filled with many bullet and shell,
We were among our own in a living hell,

Amist all of the yells moans and screams,
Our blood on the ground ran into streams,

Bullets flying and shells bursting overhead,
Many of our brave and valor now lay dead,

They gave their lives as their fathers before,
Unto their memory we must honor and adore,

Upon the fields we fought to all must retain,
We must remember so they didn't die in vain.

Written by:
Tommy Rainey

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Earlier this month Mark and I had the privilege of meeting with Brandon Beck, Phd.,
our September guest speaker, in Columbus.  He was gracious enough to be our host
to General Stephen Dill Lee's house, his grave site, and the Confederate Momument
in front of the Court House.  In our conversation the subject of Van Dorn's raid on
Holly Springs, Mississippi came up.  I was unabled to get this topic out of my mind
so I sat down and wrote a short poem.

The Raid of Van Dorn

Twas late in the year of eighteen and sixty-two,
A march had begun with men upon horses too,

It was on a cold and frosty December morn,
Chosen to lead was General Earl Van Dorn,

They were just east of the city Holly Springs,
Men within knew not what this morning brings,

Awaken from a sleep with much to their surprise,
A Rebel Yell was heard before they could realize,

The charge when the bugler into his horn blew,
So many taken captive were of the men in blue,

From building to building they searched all around,
Food and supplies for Grant were plentiful abound,

Destroying and burning were these men in grey,
Train and telegraph soon fell upon as their prey,

Most their boxcars and wire they soon began to fall,
Poles laid on the ground where they once stood tall,

Smoke filled the sky as the cotton burned in the field,
They took with them their bounties of the Unions yield.

Written by:
Tommy Rainey
The following newspaper article from Bolivar, Tennessee, dated June 4, 1943, was found
in an old family bible by a friend of Bobby Joe McCommon. It is in reference to his
Great Grandfather, Thomas Lafayette Harris.

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Submitted by Bobby Joe McCommon

Thanks, Bobby Joe, very interesting reading.
Mike sent me a newspaper article from the "Southern Advocate", Benton
County's newspaper. It's written about early Benton County including
mention of Oren Beck, Lieutenant General Nathan Bedford Forrest,
General Earl Van Dorn, plus the town of Salem.
It is titled
"A Short History of Benton County".

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Submitted by Mike Mauldin

Thanks Mike
Another article from the "Southern Sentinel" dated July 5, 1894 about a local
battle just outside of Ripley between General A.J. Smith (Union) and Col.
Hiams, (C.S.A.) 7th Miss. Cavalry. It includes the skirmish, the death of a young
Virginia soldier taking his father's place, the death and burial of the two
Union soldiers buried in Ripley, the burning of our Court House, homes,
and businesses. It is titled

"Battle of Whitten Branch".

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Note to the above article, our local Chapter of the United Daughters of the Confederacy
and our local Tippah County Historical Society placed the CSA marker at the grave site
  of the mentioned young Virginia Confederate soldier killed in this battle.

Submitted by Tommy Rainey


Taken by our own Steven Rutherford

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To view pictures from our tour of Davis' Bridge and battlefield , read a small article about the
battle, and view pictures of Dail O'Gwynn's foundry

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Nathan Bedford Forrest Birthday Celebration

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Col. W.P. Rogers Camp #321 Celebration Picnic
in honor of them being named Mississippi's SCV Camp
of the Year and tour of "The Museum"

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Thanks! Larry

Pictures Taken By:  Tommy Rainey

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Was held on October 02, 2010 at the Tippah County Historical MUSEUM in Ripley.

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Was held October 3, 2010 at 3:00 P.M. at Corinth Courthouse Square

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Several of our members got a private artillery lesson before the battle
started Sunday November 14, 2010.
Pictures taken by: Bill Latham
Alan Doyle
N. B. Forrest Camp 215, SCV
Memphis, TN


November 6, 1864
Montgomery, Alabama

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Nov 5th - 27th - FORREST IN THE SADDLE

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Nov 28th - 29th - FORREST IN THE SADDLE

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Mike sent in an interesting article written by Acoustician Charles D. Ross
"Refraction of sound waves influenced the outcome of several Civil War Battles!"

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With SSG Josh Rainey now deployed and serving in Iraq/Afghanistan and weighing
on my mind I sat down and put this little poem together. The purpose of
the poem is to remind us our soldiers are out there on the front lines
protecting us all. Let's not forget their sacrifice.

This Soldier

This soldier never wavered nor even asked oh why,
This soldier stands on the battle front for you and I,

This soldier protects our country from sea to sea,
This soldier protects us all yes even you and me,

This soldier serving proudly with all of his heart,
This soldier is doing his duty just doing his part,

This soldier gives freely to give us another day,
This soldier bravely puts himself in harm’s way,

This soldier fighting battles until the war is won,
This soldier serving so proud so brave is my son.

Written By: Tommy Rainey
Tippah Tigers Cemetery Project

Tippah Tigers held a work day on their Cemetery Project
Saturday, February 25th.

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Pictures Taken By: Lamar Criswell
Tippah Tigers Participating In
School Day At
Tippah County Museum
June 20, 2012

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Pictures Taken By: Marsha Criswell
Confederate Memorial Day
Monday, April 30, 2012
Tippah County Courthouse Square
Ripley, Mississippi
The State recognizes April as Confederate Heritage and History Month
and April 30th as Confederate Memorial Day

Check the below pictures of the Ceremony

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Pictures taken by: Tommy Rainey
Tippah Tigers

SCV Camp 868

Visit Harrisburg National Park

Battlefield Dedication

In Tupelo, Mississippi

Saturday, July 14, 2012

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Pictures Taken By: Lamar Criswell
2nd Brigade/Tippah Tigers Annual Picnic
October 27, 2012
Chili Cook-Off was a huge success and a fun time was had by all.

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Tuesday, February 5th 2013
Six Tippah Tigers members attended the Memphis City Parks Council meeting.
We had the great pleasure of meeting H K Edgerton.
Sadly the Memphis City Council decided they would rename Forrest Park along
with the Confederate Park and the Jefferson Davis Park.
Saturday, April 06, 2013
Tippah Tigers Youth Heritage Day
Brice's Crossroads
Youth Coordinator
Bill Latham